Rain World Mod Database

RainDB, for short.

Installing Mods

Installing v1.9.XX and Downpour Mods:

If you own Rain World on Steam, these mods can be installed by locating them on the Steam Workshop, subscribing to the desired mod(s), and then launching the game and enabling the mod(s) through the Remix menu.

If you own Rain World on GOG/EGS or another PC platform, you will need to get a direct link to the mod. This is done by clicking any mod on the homepage of RainDB, and then selecting "Direct" download. This will download a zip archive containing the mod's contents. Once the mod is downloaded, navigate to the following directory within your Rain World game folder:
You will need to create a new folder in there for the mod you just downloaded. Then extract the contents of the zip archive into the folder you created.

For mod creators, this is where you will place your mods' directories while you are developing them as well.

Installing v1.5 Hook / Patch Mods:

These mods are only compatible with v1.5 of Rain World. Before installing any mods, first locate your Rain World save files. In Rain World v1.5 and v1.01, this can be located easily from your Steam install directory. From the Steam directory, go to:
steamapps/common/Rain World/UserData
Backup your important files; all of your save files are stored in this directory! Make a copy of them somewhere safe, as mods can break your save file, and you will need to revert to these backed up files after uninstalling mods if you don't want to lose your saves.

Hook and Patch mods are generally installed using BepInEx and BOI. With this method, any number of hook and patch mods can be used together at the same time, as long as they don't conflict in their functionality.

To Install:
  1. Download BepInEx and extract the contents of the zip file into your Rain World folder.
  2. Download BOI Mod Manager and extract it anywhere.
  3. Run "BOI.exe"
  4. Press "Select Path", navigate to your Rain World folder, and select it.
  5. Click the "Press again to load modlist" button.
  6. Navigate to Rain World's folder, and put your mods in the "Mods" folder.
  7. Enable/disable mods as you need in BOI using the checkboxes, then close BOI and launch Rain World.

Installing v1.01 Mods or Standalone Mods:

Standalone mods are mods that are incompatible with other standalone mods, so only one such mod can be installed at any given time. Certain standalone mods come with a README file. Always be sure to check those for special install instructions. Every standalone mod comes with a dll file.

To Install:
  • Navigate to the RainWorld_Data/Managed folder, and replace ‘Assembly-CSharp.dll’ with the standalone mod's .dll. It must still be named Assembly-CSharp.dll after replacing.
That’s it, the mod is now installed! To uninstall the mod and revert the game to its normal state, right click the game in Steam, and use "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". Then restore the save files that you backed up.

Creating Mods

Essential Download Links:

Dev Tools are in-game debug and editing tools that can be used to make basic modifications to the pre-existing maps. They are a good starting point for new modders. In the newest versions of Rain World, Dev Tools are included with the game and can be enabled through the Remix menu. For Rain World v1.5, download Dev Tools from RainDB's Legacy Mods page.

The Official Level Editor is used to make new maps that can be added into the game. It is the actual editor that the developers created and used to make all of the maps in the game, so it is very powerful! However, it is also quite unyieldy, and requires patience, experimentation, and tenacity to learn.

dnSpy is an assembly decompiler tool for advanced modders with programming experience who intend to make changes to the game's code. With this tool you can read and inspect the source code of the game.

Community Support:

  • The Rain World Modding Wiki is the central location for collecting community knowledge on modding Rain World. Look here for all kinds of useful information and tutorials.
  • Visit the modding channels on the Rain World Discord to talk with fellow modders and ask questions!
  • Here is a comprehensive video tutorial on how to make maps and regions with the level editor.
  • Here is a starting point for making BepInEx mods.