Rain World Mod Database

RainDB, for short.

Community Projects

Rain World Drought

Project Lead: Dracentis

Rain World Drought is a mod for Rain World that adds a new slugcat with its own storyline. This includes a lot of new content such as a few new regions, new creatures, new pearls, and lore. Anyone can join the development team through the Rain World Drought Server. Teasers will also be posted there for non-developers.

Rain World Drought Discord:


Echo World: The Martyr

Project Lead: Garrakx

Echo World is a story set in a parallel universe to Rain World following two new enigmatic slugcats through new areas, facing new challenges, and uncovering the secrets hidden in this strange alternate timeline. This mod is an expansion to the 'The Martyr' mod, currently in development.

Echo World Discord:

More Slugcats Expansion

Project Lead: AndrewFM

More Slugcats is a mod that adds five new playable slugcats, with their own storylines. Each is unique in their abilites, and unique in their spot on the timeline. As a result, there is a lot of new content exclusive to each character's playthroughs. There are new regions, creatures, items, music, alternate endings, etc. This is an expansion not just to the original mod, but to Rain World as a whole, also adding a lot of new features, new game mechanics, bug fixes, performance improvements, tweaks and polish to the base game.